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Support the “Little Guy” this Xmas – some awesome online stores in Australia!

I’ve seen to above image going around again – calling for us to support our local artisans this Xmas. So I thought I’d put together a list of some awesome Aussie online stores to buy handmade wares from for your friends, family and for that Secret Santa giftee! Soaps and lip balms, from Veronica Foale…

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“Virtual” charity gifts – not just goats and chickens anymore!

I’ve started my Xmas gift buying (you know, the stuff that strikes me as awesome on Etsy and I manage to buy ahead of time), and also just general browsing of the charity sites for ideas that are also awesome and ethical…. and I’ve stumbled across a few things this morning that I need to…

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Christmas is Coming!

I know! It’s starting to creep all around me! From checking out Aldi’s Chrissy Range in the catelogue, with my niece exclaiming “MINE!!!!” every few items…. Ez wands the “du!” (blue) and the “gall” (ball) lights. To being dragged out to the shed and being nagged to get the Xmas tree up! To emails about…

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All I want for Xmas is …..

Yay! FSMas/Xmas/Christmas wishlist time!!!! Below I’m listing a bunch of things that I’d actually like for Xmas. Yes, you aren’t on there. That’s okay though? Nekomimi Animatronic, or not, I need more Nekomimi in my life. Purple, or two toned would be cool. Hello Kitty Things Yeah, anything Hello Kitty will do :) It will…

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