So forgot about Muse ~ the little lioness

So forgot about Muse

The idea of Muse having the top song in the Hottest 100 did not occur to me whatsoever. heh. But if you lok a the list, not much of the top ten was in my area… Like that damn Soko, and Daft Punk getting in wiht a live version of a seven year old song. Ooh that’s it, just re-realease your hits as live versions and it’s like they’re new again!

I did vote for Karnivool’s vesion of Gotye’s The only way. I love it. At least that’s a cover, not the same song by the some band!

Spent the morning yesterday in the car – had a good run, except for being stopped on teh F3 heading out of Sydney for a bit. Crawling. But, it’s just an expected part of a long-weekend drive there. I had estimated I’d get in around 12:15, and I pulled into my parents’ driveway at 12:12pm, according to my clock :p

Spent the afternoon at a friend’s place listening to the countdown and catching up with people. Nice day. Plenty of opinions about what should and shouldn’t be in the Hottest 100 :) and exclamations of “I don’t know this song!”

Had dinner with the family, wiht my sister too. Still some wedding-y stuff to sort out, but it seems ot be pulling together hehe. And she said I can wear the shoes with the silver heel :)

Okay, need to figure out what I’m doing today – I can’t shower yet because there’s a burst pipe in th front yard and the water’s off… I need to catch Rish’s parents at some point – because it’s a nice thing to do, and because they have a monitor for Rish heh. Also give me a chance to get away from my family. i love them, they just drive me crazy…



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