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And it begins

Canberra’s children are heading back to school today. Should see the evidence of that all over – yesterday it was the masses of children and parents in the stationery aisle at Woolworths, and the lines at Just Cuts for that back to school trim. (even spied a couple of kids I hoped were going into kindy walking around in their school uniforms, including hat!).

School Zone Today the traffic will increase. I’ll have to drive through several school zones. Hopefully there won’t be too many parents doing incredibly stupid things driving-wise in their four wheel drives outside the schools. You know, lik parking across the school crossing so little Jenny can get a safe run in, other kids be damned.

Should also get busier for me at work. With school being back, parents and teachers will start contacting about what they need to be doing this year with the kids, and my diary should be booking up.

Today though, it’s just meetings. One with the other speechies who go to the special schools, two supervision meetings (I get two supervisors, aren’t I lucky?) and another one to sort out what to do with the kindy kids. Don’t have netball tonight to take out any of the fidgetyness I get into the day (probably a good thing as my knee hasn’t been too happy this weekend)… but will have to gym it out tonight.

I’m thinking my sister should have gotten us girls to sign Bridesmaids Prenups

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2 comments for “And it begins

  1. February 5, 2008 at 7:39 am

    Parents driving crazy is one of the stupidest things… ever. Have fun back at work!

  2. Redness
    February 7, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Found you at mutterings …love your ‘Get Over It’ … we’re on the same wavelength ;)

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