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Life, curveball (and other analogies)

Well that’s good in theory until, just as I’m dozing off, I get a phone call from the real estate agent saying “the owners haev decided to put the property on the market”.


I of course don’t think it through as well as Rish and immediately panic and get upset and think, this is the third time in Canberra that this has happened to me.


We are still entitled to stay until the end of the lease, regardless, due to the law here, but after that who knows. Another move? I start saving my pennies and buy? (But I want to spend my pennies and go to Europe this July – not that I’ve booked anything yet, slacker) *sigh* Just when I felt like I knew what was happening in my life, I always have something thrown at me.

I’m going to wander to the local shop, mostly to clear my head, but also to look at yakult and other “good bacteria”-laden products. And buy a lemon.



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2 comments for “Life, curveball (and other analogies)

  1. Kelkel
    March 14, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    How does that Yackult stuff taste? I’ve always wondered. Is it dairy? I’ve too been on too many anti-biotics lately. Have been eating a lot of soy-yogurt. The doctor just decided to take me off everything and see how that went. Against logic I’ve actually gotten a little better, although I’m now also on allergy sprays for what seems like the fun of it. I figure my doctor’s just trying to clock up a list of non-pbs medications to make me poorer.

  2. March 15, 2008 at 9:03 am

    It tastes alright – just like a thin flavourless yoghurt – ie not vanilla. *shrugs* it doesn’t make me gag or anything ;) a little sour.

    Blah that doesn’t sound liek fun!

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