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Lose Yourself

About to head to the gym for (hopefully) a good cardio session – I can’t push myself too hard, given it’s still 31 degrees, I’ve been sick and I haven’t done much this week, but I will pop the ipod on, and do wha I can. Will do at least my 5:30 mins on the treadmill… Still haevn’t set up my playlists properly… maybe I’ll get a chance this week, maybe not.

My hair is almost black! A used a darker dye this time around, and without the sunshine, it looks rather dark :) I like it! I’m just still adjusting to it – nice change :) I just got a inch or so trimmed off it, no special style or anything. Might cut it shorter for winter, but until then this is good for now :)

Okay, let’s do it.



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