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Lace me in

Had a disasterous afternoon shopping with Rish yesterday. Hating everything I tried on, hating sizings, hating that I can’t be a more common bra size, wishing I was just looking for shoes… but it has all motivated me today. So what, I couldn’t fit nicely into the size twelves I was trying on in dresses – I have a few cm to lose, I just need to work harder. Yes, I know a 14A is not the most easy to find bra size. There a two options there – stick with the Bonds bras that fit me well, while woring towards being a 12 again. I can do that.

I know I haven’t been the most motivated the past week or so – 4 days straight of PD is an “excuse” … but a pretty poor one. I didn’t have to eat the snacks and junk sitting on the table. I could have squeezed in an extra gym session if I’d gotten myself out of bed, but throwing in a few late nights, while I should have probably been asleep in my own bed, not that good for an early gym start.

But I went yesterday and pedalled on a bike. Not much of a sweat, given that I was all snotty with this stupid cold, it wasn’t too bad. And today I went back, jogged a little, and will hit the jogging properly again tomorrow. But I did well on the elliptical.

Different motivators? Being able to fit a sexy corset that fits me. Yes, there were some held back tears when I realised that the size 12 Pleasure State corset I was trying on was going to slowly kill me if I stayed in it. But I will get there, and there are a few events to aim for. :) I have a thing for hot lingerie, so want to be able to wear the pieces I want!

A new theme, from Scribble Scratch. Having fun beating around the two sidebars to get into them what I want. It’s not very pink.

I upgarded to WordPress 2.5 last weekend. It works. Not sure of what’s so magical about it yet, but give me time.

Because it’s been awhile, some Mutterings

  1. Nutritious :: fruit and vegetables
  2. Graduate :: Masters
  3. Tonight! :: wine, food, dancing, laughter, sexy clothes and mmmm
  4. Located :: next to blah and blah
  5. Weapon :: kill
  6. Jumper :: wonder if I’ll knit anything this year?
  7. Collectibles :: trinkets taking up space
  8. Dennis :: the menice
  9. Hostile :: brutal
  10. Vivid :: colours



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2 comments for “Lace me in

  1. April 6, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Gosh, everyone seems to have thought of Dennis the Menace…I forgot about the dude completely and came up with a different Dennis.

    Happy Muttering!!!! Hope you can drop by for a visit. I would love to see you in my comments!!!

  2. Dragon Mage
    April 7, 2008 at 12:09 am

    Looks like we both got Denise the Menace. lol. Nice mutterings.

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