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More for your money

At the news that the Australian Dollar was trading around 95-96 US cents, I of course have seen this as an opportunity to revisit some of those online stores that I love to see if there’s anything they may be worth buying at such a competitive price. (also, I’m home alone, and will be for a while longer, and when I’m not feeling crap, I feel fine and get bored)

So, I started with Threadless – and haven’t really found anything to justify spending money on – but I have had fun in rating Submissions (and rating some low… oops).

I’ve also paid a visit to Mushycat… where I got the t-shirt I’m wearing today :) There’s a pic of me on that site with a shirt saying “Cuddles Keep Me Sane“. It must be a couple of years old now, and has been worn to the gym a million times… and the printing and logo still hold true :p

Again, while browsing there, I’ve found yet another web-comic to read –… :)

Ahh the happy little sceptics :)



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