Cabin Fever ~ the little lioness

Cabin Fever

I love Muppet Treasure Island. I think I had it on video though, so it’s probably dead, and I haven’t seen it for years….

But, yes, going a little stir-crazy at home. Past the point of appreciating that I can relax and sleep in and take care of myself and starting to miss people-contact too much. That’s why I went to Japanese last night, loved being there, even though it was assaulting my vocal tract at every syllable.

I get to meet a friend for lunch though today – she’s down for an audiology conference (defected from speech path after finishing the degree!) So at least that means venturing out of the house for a little bit… even to scurry back after :) I reckon they probably get some good freebies at their conferences, there so much more money in hearing than speech!

…that song is hilarious :) *dissolves into giggles*

<3 Tim Curry!



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