Alcohol with less calories? Sweet!

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Amongst all the controvesy recently surrounding “Alcopop” drinks (I had never used that word for a breezer or cruiser until recently – t was always girie drinks or “bitch piss” in my circles, though I suppose we can see why the politicians can’t use it) – it’s nice to see the companies are still bringing out new versions of their popular beverages.

vodka cruisers

The most recent one I’ve tried: Vodka Cruiser “Free”. Mixed berry flavour. Claiming to have way less calories, I’m sure this would be a sure-fire way to get drunk quicker (if that’s possible on such a drink!) I bought it from Superbarn, as the 4-pack was on special.

So, I have it in front of me now… and it tastes fine. Kinda like low-joule jellies you buy and mix at home. Yeah, like the weight watchers jelly. *shrugs* Obviously there’s less calories in a shot of vodka, but this at least is more drinkable and less likely to burn my nostrils :p And if they start serving it in bars, it means you don’t have to opt for soda water or diet coke if you’re after a sugar-free mixer.

1.1 standard drinks at 76 calories with a sweet berry taste… if you hate that imitation sugar aftertaste, don’t buy it, but if you’re seasoned at poisoning your body with Sweetener 950 – aka “Acesulfame Potassium” and “Sweetener (955)” – sucralose, then why not? :p

Of related interest, an article about sweeteners in diet coke that Rish sent me today. “Sodium benzoate has been linked to damage to DNA and hyperactivity in children, and is used as a preservative in Diet Coke in Australia.” … I decided today that I need to get back to drinking Diet Coke at work again, because people are going to suspect that I’m pregnant… because we decided that it may be the only thing to get me off the stuff.

edit: I have now found out there is an official Cruiser Free website for Australia… and that there are three flavours. The thought of orange and mango though makes me think of warm homebrand poppers in my lunch box at primary school… the site won’t tell you much except seemingly promote that you sould drink cruiser while wearing cut-off denimn shorts and flannos. If that’s you’re thing…



  1. There was some pretty convincing research done in the UK a while back over something like a 40 or 50 year period on a large sample of people who regularly consumed artificial sweetener and no evidence was found to support the theory that artificial sweetener makes you more likely to get cancer.
    The study about Sodium Benzoate didn’t sound extremely reliable so far from what I’ve been told, some think it’s more of a stunt by coca cola because they’re sick of bad press about their additives.
    Perhaps of more concern might be whatever chemicals they have to make up the flavour in coca cola, of which the formulas are not available freely to the public to test.
    I’m a food science student apparently.

  2. NERD!

    but thankyou! I like to hear people who actually know what they’re talking about talk about these things… as opposed to people just saying “I got this email…”

    We’re all gonna die.

  3. Yeah, I’m always learning how different additives in food are largely untested and how they quite happily use additives in Aust. that are banned in other countries.
    On a side note, wash your grapes, they’re treated with sulfur for mould.
    All this aside, we’re living longer than ever before. Yes, we’re all going to die, but we’re still going to live longer than before.

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