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So, I think I’m going to achieve some sort of sticker-based goal before I head away. Which is nice. Yes, the target number of gym/running sessions has been reduced, but have thrown myself into it head-first for June – hoping to come out of it with better fitness and a reward of a nice out with Rish. Which I’ll earn if I do today, Friday and Saturday. Doesn’t have to be running, or a particular exercise, but I do have to get myself going pretty much every day. Thursdays don’t count – Japanese in the evenings makes it a long enough day without tacking a morning gym session on. Maybe if it was summer I could cope.

Maybe if I wasn’t staying up way past my bedtime chatting online, I could cope, too :p



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  1. June 26, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Watashi wa nihongo sukoshi wakarimas! But that’s about all!!

    One of the things I hate about my line of work is that my schedule can change on a moment’s notice and I may end up working late, or even *very* late, fixing a problem, so taking classes, like Japanese, which I would dearly love to learn, is super, super difficult. *sigh* But, I really need to find something like that to do, so Jim isn’t all work and no play!

    Network Geeks last blog post..More Nerf Machine Gun!

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