A Priest and an Athiest walk into a cafe ~ the little lioness

A Priest and an Athiest walk into a cafe

So, Rish is on a plane right now, heading to Malaysia. He left Sydney 2ish, so should get to KL about 10 my time… a couple of hours there, then he’s off to Frankfurt :) So didn’t want to leavce him at Sydney airport this morning – but I reasoned that it’s only a week until we’ll meet up in Athens – it’s the goodbye after that week I’m not looking foward to, because then we’ll have 4 weeks apart!

We had a wonderful dinner last night – at The Chairman and Yip :) Took advantage of their eearlybird deal, drank a ottle of New Zealand Pinot and then went for cake at Cream (hottest waitstaff in Canberra) :D Wonderful to have an evening to ourselves before we had to part.

I’m leaning towards an early night tonight – zonked after a week of late nights and a long day today. Need to save my energy for monday! I’ll just have to come down from my caffine buzz from having coffee with Rish’s parents and the priest… he smelled nice like insense :)



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