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Kelly is going to throw something at the computer when she reads that I’m sick with Tonsillitis *ducks* … yeah.. again. This time it definately has the white spots that are tonsillitis, and I have a swollen left gland that you can see in the mirror… Onto yellow and white pills, not pink like last time. They’re the same thing, just different brands. So it’s a good thing I’m not allergic to Penicillin, otherwise I don’t know what would be done with me.

Yellow and White pills this time

(Oh and I did ask what I could do to stop this from coming back. Nothing really, so long as I keep healthy etc etc *shrugs* I think I need to have less “big” weekends? But I was told that getting my tonsils out was not something they’re recommend until I had it at least 6 times in a year and the anitibiotics weren’t really doing anythign for me. So far, they clear it up. So if I get it 2 more times before Feb next year… help me *sigh*.. but with summer coming, etc etc, I should be better off.)

Just need to get over this hump. Fortunately(?) there’s a little bit of down time being school holidays at work… so when I do go back Thursday, it shouldn’t be too frantic. There’s the long weekend, and while I’ll be trekking to Newcastle (not actually trekking… driving), I’m going to aim to have a relaxing weekend. And on antibiotics, I shoudn’t drink alcohol, so that will be good for me. It’ll be beach weather in Newcastle next weekend, right? So I can spend some time in the sun or under my umbrella and just be? :)



  1. lol dude, you suck at immunity.
    Cold jelly would be better than ice cream, as it won’t coat your throat with more mucus. The plus about that is that you can get low cal jellies and not undo your good work.
    Having said that, I’m now going to go make cupcakes to undo all my good work. :)

  2. But but but… it’s my sister’s 21st on the sat night and I need company :P

  3. Try taking fish oil and zinc supplements, I think that helped my tonselitis stay away, even in London’s filthy air. And loads and loads of sleep. *hugs*

  4. I’m making Jelly now… I just rememmbered that I had a pack each of aeroplane low cal raspberry and [ineaple in the cupboard. And Rish has black rice socking, so we can have cocobutty yummy black rice tonight…

    I don’t understand why I’d want to go to a 21st :p *feels old* I don’t know what my weekend plans are yet. But I know that not much is what I’m after.

    As far as taking extra stuff… we’ll see. I think I’m going to be doing the more sleep thing. :)

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