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Stand Back: Domestic Genius at Work

Okay, I’m sure I’ve mentioned my periods of being banned from doing household tasks such as the dishes (relegated to wiping up), and doing Rish’s washing due to one too many tissue incidents (bans have been lifted due to the necessity of me being available to do these tasks).

I was just putting out washing, a couple of loads (second load took ages – you kind of have to lean on the washing machine to stablise it sometimes when there’s larger items like towels, sheets, or jujitsu stuff)…

Putting a denimn skirt on the line. It’s a nice sunny day, over 20 degrees, so I think to myself “Oh I should change out of these jeans and into that skirt, would be much better for spring”. I moved on fromt hat and completed the hanging of the washing.

Walked back into the house and realised that, actually, that wouldn’t really work, as the skirt is WET and that’s why I was hanging it out. *shakes head* It seemed like such a good idea too. Maybe tomorrow?


I should stick to tasks I seem to be very good at. Like shopping for shoes and underwear :p

(But no handbags. Why are all the handbags so ugly at the moment? I want a new one sometime soon, but awesome Kathy Van Zeeland one is starting to get all tatty… want a new one before summer. Any suggestions?)



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