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Party, Yum Cha, Boost and Home.

I think we’ve figured out our “Sydney Routine”.

  • Check into the hotel (that we’ve booked through or through a new place like Hotels Combined) about 2pm after remember again that we hate the stretch along South Dowling Drive…
  • Find lunch. This time around we stuffed ourselves silly with Manchurian Sweet and Sour Pork and some dumplings in Chinatown.
  • Shop a bit. *grins*
  • See what the hotel’s facilities are like. We checked out the pool. Great view from the 8th floor of the Citigate… but getting cold. And too many kiddies!
  • Get ready for whatever the evening has in store for us
  • Party?
  • Stumble back to the hotel just before sunrise. Not get much sleep before checkout
  • YUM CHA BREAKFAST. Highlight of any Sydney trip. Disserting the evening before. Rehydrating from any excessive consumpion of alcohol with the green chinese tea on offer
  • Leave! Take shifts driving because neither one of us has had enough sleep that we really should be in control of a large machine hurtling down the Hume at 100km/h.
  • Home and bed

The Citigate was good. Especially for $145/night! We had a room on the second top floor (17th) and the view was gorgeous… from the window near the lift, not necessarily from the room (a great view of UTS). Bed was large, comfortable (for the little time we spent in it!) and the staff were friendly. Shower cap was provided (the one thing I love in a hotel bathroom) … and it was right in Chinatown which fits in with all of life’s plans!

RoomView when you exit the elevator

Back to reality again. We signed the lease for our new place yesterday. Get the keys on Tuesday and move on the 1st. Busy busy busy from here on in…

(for the other bloggers and for the facebookers out there… Hotels Combined is given $20 to charity if you blog about them, or $5 if you join their Facebook group. Details here)



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  1. October 29, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    I luv yum chah restaurants, they’re all around where I live. Never been to an Oz one though.

    Andy Baileys last blog post..I wanted to join Starfleet

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