5 more days

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Okay, whose idea was it for me to work next week? O well, save those leave days for another time, get some more assessments done (we only know they need to be done) and get other things finished off that are hard to do this week, with the parties and the fire alarms.

I now know why Health isn’t allowed to have toasters any more in their staff kitchens. This morning someone burnt toast and the fire brigade came… yesterday it was a smoking plastic container in a microwave. I’m told it wasn’t Tupperware…

So, two work parties today, one more Friday… but it’s all coming at a good time, with more changes coming up at work, allowing us to “debrief” many times over. Still trying to consider what I want to do. I have a preference, and should probably go with that, but am not completely against going the other way… all still a long way away so no point getting too caught up in it…

Finally upgraded to wordpress 2.7 and am oohing and ahhing at the dashboard. Love it.



  1. Yeah, I love, love, love the new WordPress 2.7. I did the upgrade on my test blog and then almost immediately upgraded the others. Major improvement, though I hadn’t thought it was possible.

    Network Geeks last blog post..ToDo on your desktop

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