Looking up ~ the little lioness

Looking up

Barely a sniffle these past few days, aside from battling with a red curry last night :) Went with friends for dinner and then to see Gomorrah at Dendy. I can’t believe I’ve not been to Dendy in the Canberra Centre until now – the seats are so comfy! And wide! :)

The movie was hard to follow – I kept getting characters mixed up – perhaps if I’d known a little bit of the political/social background it would have been easier. One of the risks of watching something that was loved at Cannes :)

Aside from that, beena pretty cruisy weekend :) Very pleased with the lack of sniffles, but I think I spoke too soon last night before going to Cocoa Black and ordering cake and mousse when I declared that I could eat chocolate without troubles once more. Will have to keep it down to only a little at a time, I think. I had a chocolate truffle the other day, and was fine with that, but too much doesn’t seem to be good!

About to hit the gym, head home, sleep, and wake up tomorrow to know that Rish has probably already landed in Sydney! :)



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