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Addison Hotel, Kensington

Came back last night from a week across Sydney and Newcastle, with more photos than I really need to deal with!

On our first night in Sydney, we stayed at the Addison Hotel which is on Anzac Parade Kensington – chosen because it was about 2 block’s walk from the University of NSW, where Rish had a conference, and where we stayed the rest of the time in Sydney.

Addison Hotel Addison Hotel

I’ll have to admit that, which is room was nice enough, I didn’t sleep too well, bed was hard and I kept going numb, plus I think I may or may not have been worrying about missing my alarm in the morning to trek across the city to my workshop on at Novotel Olympic Park… Rish swears he had a good night’s rest though so it’s probably just me being a little loopy! :) TV had free to air channels, plus a whole heap of Chinese-language television. I was watching a doco on SBS for a while before sleep.

The highlight though was discovering that I’d ordered a package that included not just breakfast, but dinner too at the restaurant downstairs! (for $115 online). I love all the bargains you can get through daily deals sites like Groupon. Have you ever used an online coupon for a hotel?

Dinner at Addison Hotel

We didn’t eat as much as we perhaps could have, had we not gone to the welcome reception for Rish’s conference and filled ourselves up on finger food and wine! But, it was yummy all the same. :D No idea about the breakfast – I was out the door at 7am, which is when they were starting to take it around to the rooms. I’m sure it was a standard toast, juice, cereal affair, though. :)



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  1. Rish
    July 15, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Actually they forgot to serve breakfast…

  2. July 15, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Well that’s a bit dumb :\

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