A Twist at Honeysuckle ~ the little lioness

A Twist at Honeysuckle

Friday night last week, a few friends and I headed into Honeysuckle (Newcastle) for the “Livesites” thing the council were putting on. This basically involved fire, music, belly dancers and us finding a place to eat!

Rugged upBurn!

This was a chance for me to gloat about not freezing because I’ve got cold Canberra blood now, and to wear a new pair of heels I picked up in the sales. A little bit teetery, but they look good!

Jess had booked us in to ‘Twist’ cafe, which, like Depot, had clipboards for their yummy menu

Twist Honeysuckle
Started with breads.

Twist Honeysuckle
I ordered a salad with roast pumpkin, halloumi and yumminess. I think I was in that sort of mood over the weekend!

Skimmed their desserts and cocktails, and decided to move on to Silo for our drinks and coffees. I managed to combine the two, and finished my night with an Espresso Martini. mmm. It reminded be of drinking the cold coffees in Greece last winter. And wishing I was in the summer over there instead of the Australian winter!

Cocktail at Honeysuckle



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  1. July 26, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Oooh your shoes look really nice from what I can see! :) That salad looks so good. I wish I could order salads nowadays but I don’t have that cold Canberra blood! :P

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