Gold and Plum Wine

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I ate so much in my recent Sydney expedition. Korean was also on the list. A place called Seoul-Ria in Chinatown. We were meant to go with a much larger group, but seven of us were tardily drinking at 3 Monkeys, and so wandered up about an hour after everyone else. Sorry guys! We’re not good at rushing :)

Seoul-Ria Restaurant

We order two huge steamboat type things. Both were yummy yummy with meats, and tofu and veges gallore!

Seoul-Ria Restaurant

A couple of the guys decided part way into their meal that they wanted beer, and so I decided I wanted wine. After finding people to share with me, we ordered a plum wine – that ended up having gold flakes in it! I’ve seen sparkling wines with gold before, but not plum wine. It had a taste that reminded us all of our childhood. Cough mediciney… but not in an unpleasant way…

Seoul-Ria Restaurant

Seoul-Ria Restaurant



  1. Korean food is great – my only gripe eating it when I went to Korea was having to fold my (long) legs under the tables to sit on the floor. The good thing about eating it in Korea is that there are restaurants everywhere, and its cheap – 5 years ago we could eat well for $8-10 a head.

    Did you try the soju to drink?

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