Material Girl ~ the little lioness

Material Girl

Unconscious Mutterings, week 339

  1. Taxman :: see me do them in October, again
  2. Material :: girl
  3. Format :: wipe
  4. File cabinet :: mess
  5. Ignore :: block
  6. Super! :: duper
  7. Fireproof :: asbestos
  8. Blockbuster :: video
  9. Snooper :: (because, no, I do not believe your alarmist emails. stop wasting my eyeballs on them)
  10. Good will :: Hunting



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0 comments for “Material Girl

  1. July 26, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Except for asbestos…I read the very same ones on a previous blogger/mutterer! Wow…amazing.

    I muttered…I’d love for you to come by and read mine if you can. Happy Sunday.

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