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Zambrero *crunch*

Went in to meet Rish for lunch a couple of times this week, to relieve the boredom (I promise you, this was enough exertion for one day)… and Wednesday finally got to try Zambrero, the taco place on a corner at the Civic bus interchange. We’ve passed it a few times on a Sunday when it’s closed, with Rish saying “you have to go there with me one day” each time!

Dos Capas at Zambrero

We both ordered a Dos Capas each – for $4.95 you get a taco with a tortilla to hold it all together. Good size for me… though I still managed to lose much of my cheese and sauce. A little small for Rish though, he would have liked two to himself, and while $5 is okay for a small snack, it’s prbably not really $10 worth for two. Not with Subway so close!

But it was crunchy and yum, and it’s always nice to get some salad in at lunch time. *crunch*



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  1. October 4, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    wow, a taco wrapped in a tortilla….fantastic idea!

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