Oz Day 2010

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We tagged along on a BBQ with Mick and Julia and some of their friends and family at Black Mountain Peninsula…

Oz Day BBQ
The boys cooked up a storm..

Oz Day Outfit
I wore Australian-made – Cue dress, and not Oz made but still Aussie as THONGS!

Oz Day BBQ
Fed the Swans

Oz Day BBQ
Oz Day BBQ

The kids REALLY struggled with their ice creams. She ended up dropping half the choc topping on the ground :(

I got a little sunburned, mostly where I didn’t get enough sunscreen around and under the straps on my dress. High high UV that day… so hard to stay cool!



  1. Ha…funny watching the kids struggle with their ice-creams.
    They were really nice. Norgen Vaas and all.

    Love our stances whilst cooking. Such men :P

  2. Thanks for coming, it was nice to have you guys there.

    Also, we’ll be in Germany at some stage in July – coinkydink?

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