The Bistro at Toronto Worker's Club ~ the little lioness

The Bistro at Toronto Worker's Club

How good does this chicken parmigiana look?

Dinner @ Toronto Worker's Club

Generous chicken, ham and cheese, great serve of chips (touch skimpy on the salad though). That was Rish’s dinner when we went and ate with my parents, sister and nephew at the Toronto Worker’s Club – a place that looks WAY different from my childhood.

Dinner @ Toronto Worker's Club
There were no eels there when I was a kid.

Dinner @ Toronto Worker's Club
Garlic bread went down well after an early sushi lunch.

Dinner @ Toronto Worker's Club
As did this fish and chips. The fish was yum, and the chips alright with salt… Still wish I’d had more salad!

The walk home was a little eerie – so few street lights, even on the main road! eeps!



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  1. March 15, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Go the Eels.

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