WIN for Easter: The Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box

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A came across the most amazing sight in the $2 bin at Borders over the weekend while deciding on a Soy Vanilla Latte. It was almost like it was meant to be. The only Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box I’ve ever seen.

Purple Glittle Jesus

I couldn’t NOT buy him. And now he could be yours.

OMG (pun intended) How Can I Win?!?

Just post a comment on this post telling me how having HIM in your life would make it better!

Entries will close Midnight Good Friday (Friday April 2nd, Sydney time) and will be announced on Easter Sunday. Because that’s hot Glitter Jesus would roll.

Purple Glittle Jesus - COIN SLOT
(coin slot!)

Please make sure the email address you use is valid (and get a Gravatar while you’re at it! Gravatars bring love!) so I can email you for your details if you win!

Yes, you can enter more than once (up to once a day, so long as you’re saying something different).

Yes, I will post worldwide. I need to spread his love.

It’ll be drawn using one of those random number drawer things. So, while skills and creativity will provide much amusement, it won’t be the deciding factor ;)

Yes, he will get glitter everywhere.

Purple Glittle Jesus

Please share this link with your friends, retweet on Twitter, email around, because it’s not really about winning, it’s about sharing the glory that is the Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box. Thank you Borders, for selling such awesomeness (Why didn’t I see this at Xmas???)



  1. I thought had everything purple and glittery in my life already. A dog. A DVD player. A blanket. A pizza cutter.

    And then I saw this and realised I could complete my collection.

    It’s spectacularly craptacular isn’t it?
    I can’t believe Borders would sell this. Accident perhaps?

  2. When I first met my house, it was filled with all sorts of Catholic stuff, including (but not limited to) plastic glow in the dark holy water fonts attached to the bedroom doorways. The family took all the memorabilia when they left but the ghost of Luigi still lingers. He smokes in my house and I think he’s missing his tchotchkes.
    I think a purple glitter Jesus money box is just the thing to fill Luigi’s longing!

  3. It’s been said that Jesus saves, so I’m hoping with this he’d help me save a whoooooooooooooooole lot o’ money!

  4. I think I can cope with not having one of those. I wonder what whoever designed a purple glitter Jesus moneybox (or anything for that matter) was thinking at the time.
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..Please please keep this promise, forever =-.

  5. The glow-in-the-dark crucifix did not bring my salvation. The chess board with the saints versus the popes has not brought my redemption. The 3-D picture of Jesus of the Sacred Heart has not brought mercy. The Jesus nightlight has not lit the way to the Truth, just the way to the bathroom, which is sort of, but not quite like the Truth. The picture of the last supper with a clock in the corner just reminds me that my time is running out. However, I am sure that a purple glitter Jesus will be the the final piece in my enlightenment.

  6. I definitely need this guy, because it will add further confusion to my tendency to attend Mass in different countries despite not being religious. Bring on the perplexedness!
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Bit of an Update =-.

  7. I’ll finally be able to say (and mean it) –

    “I found Jesus, he was behind my couch”.

  8. This would be perfect to display in my house… My family would think that I had indeed, finally lost the plot!

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  10. Now if Judas had one of those moneyboxes he would have been gazing at it depositing the 30 pieces of silver and possibly wouldn’t have done the betraying bit and we wouldn’t have Easter. So it’s best not to give it to religious types and save it for the atheists like me who are grateful for 4 day weekends and wish there were other important deities who supposedly died and rose again, but perhaps took a few extra days, who we could celebrate with a long long weekend later in the year.
    .-= Fifikins´s last blog ..Are you feeling clucky, punk? =-.

  11. That is one of the more bizarre jesus idols I’ve seen.
    It would make my life better as everyday I saw it I would smile and laugh in amazement (and a little ridicule). :)

    As to why it would be in Borders, that may be due to the Gloria Jeans coffee shops inside Borders being associated with Hillsong church (which is one of the reasons some of us don’t buy from Gloria Jeans)
    .-= OzAz´s last blog ..Atheist Convention – Dinner =-.

  12. I think a purple glitter Jesus might make all my dreams come true!

    Plus, it would totally match my glow in the dark Mary :)

    Happy Easter!

  13. Leoni Wilson

    I gave my life to Jesus and now I’m FREE, yes Free..Free from the tragic drugy drunkin life I was leading.I’m saved and I will live my life in eternity caused I’m saved…Yes saved from Hell…All the money i saved on drugs , can go in the purple thing and I walk the streets, singing Hillsongs and fighting satan. i can pay my tithes each Sunday, just empty Jesus into the basket each Sunday…Oh what a life..Praise the Lord! Yeha for Jesus..! Yehhh..Yehhhh…

  14. I’ve heard of Papal Purple but a Jacaranda Jesus is truly a miracle! I certainly need divine inspiration to have enough money to save.

  15. I am completely in awe of this totally awesome purple glitter Jesus money box which I believe could easily replace the cross as a Christian symbol. I am Catholic and I have Catholic friends and whilst I know coveting is not a Christian principle I simply must have this holy relic to show to said friends and preach to them that I was not ‘saved’ by Jesus per se, but rather I am ‘saving’ with Jesus. Amen.

  16. Having this fellow in my life would make everything better because I don’t own a single thing that is sparkly… and obviously I’m not a proper female until I do :P
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Glimpses of Amsterdam =-.

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  18. So Jesus is in your fruit bowl? Is the fruit bowl behind the couch?
    .-= Fifikins´s last blog ..FAO Blogger/Blogspot users! =-.

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  20. It’s too late for my soul
    … but my coins could still be saved!

  21. I never knew you could buy something so great in Australia, for $2. I cant think of anything clever to say, so I will just say WOW!
    I bow to your shopping god.

  22. well jesus has shown his true colours how different is this

  23. Elizabeth Davey

    what do you get a chick turning 18 whose parents are christian ministers and who is currently saving for her end of year missionary trip?

    A purple glitter jesus moneybox.

    With $20 bucks inside (which I will add myself before I wrap it up – unless of course you wish to donate more to her birthday gift than just the money box :) )

  24. julie bennett

    I wish to win this glitter jesus money box to save up,
    maybe for a blessing from up above and guidance will help me !

  25. OMG I think I am converted! This would take pride and place upon my desk…every time I deposit a coin I would thank the lord and Borders of course LOL

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  27. What with cancer,dibeties,arthritis,bad back and other health problems in my family maybe this purple Jesus will give us some hope.

  28. Fiona

    Shame to crush your hope, with easter being over and the comp closing over a year ago. Maybe you can resurrect a glitter jesus yourself with paper, glue and oodles of glitter?

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