Okay, Colgate, Explain this one…

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Back in November, you may recall a little Ant Problem we had. ie, they wanted to eat Rish’s toothbrush…

That was explained away by Colgate as them perhaps after the residue of toothpaste…

But that won’t explain this:

WTF? More ants this time on NEW toothbrushes

Yes, you see right, the ants have found their way into to NEW pack, as if seeking it out… weird ants with a craving for rubber. (yes the pack was opened with a couple of brushes out, but really, ants?)

I will let you know what Colgate have to say on this one!



  1. OMG Fiona I have never seen that happen before. We get ants on occasion too but never on Brand New Toothbrushes. Cant wait to hear what happens with this.

  2. That is creepy! You should buy one of each brand and do an experiment…maybe with a live streaming webcam!
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  3. I wonder about then eating rubber…

    @Simon – I doubt it. Unless they were returning to their home? ;) Planet Colgate. Kinda like Planet Spoonoid…

  4. In fact I’ve seen ants like this at home on our toothbrushes too! First I thought it was the paste attracting them, but then I realized it was muggy outside for weeks, they climbed up, however the ants also hanged around the brushes. But we use the Oral-B’s.
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  5. argh! argh! i had a recent attack by ants but luckily they never made it into the bathroom. it’s odd because you know ants don’t eat much, and they’re not holding any poison but a plague of them swarming over your precious belongings — like your TOOTHBRUSHES — always makes me scream like a girl.

  6. ha ha, maybe ants are like those cleaner fish that eat the bugs and algae off bigger fish. You just train up some ants to do the cleaning. It would save a fortune in tooth brushes and tooth paste and you could just keep a little ant farm in the bath room.

  7. Received a reply

    Dear Ms Moore

    Thank you for taking the time to contact our company.

    The question you raised requires us to make further enquiries with our
    Technical Department. Please advise which Colgate Toothbrushes you have
    in your possession. Once we receive your reply we will be in touch with
    you soon with the information you need.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us again.

    This lot are Zig Zag brushes from the 6 pack sold through Woolworths.

  8. Are they cutting bits out to take away? i.e. are they seeing it as a food source or maybe giving some kind of congregation signal? What are they doing on the actual brush, hanging out, running around, acting weird? Also have you noticed any kind smell yourself?

    These are questions from my entomologist friend who will now ask her entomologist friends too. (She thinks this is totally cool)

  9. Okay, they just seemed to be crowding around, running around a little nuttily on the rubbery bits, staying on the colour…. I can’t smell anything strange about the toothbrushes. There’s no bits out of the rubber.

    Oh and latest update:

    Dear Ms Moore

    Thank you for contacting us about your experience with our Colgate Zig
    Zag Plus Toothbrush. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us
    with your feedback.

    There is nothing in the materials used to manufacture our toothbrushes
    to cause ants to be attracted to it.

    We would like to investigate this matter further we ask that you please
    send us the toothbrushes plus packaging. A postage-paid package will
    organised for you to return your product to us. We appreciate your help
    in providing us with this product.

    Please advise whether you use a soft or medium brush.

    We are sorry that you did not have the results you expected. Once we
    receive your reply we will organise the postage-paid package and
    replacement products to the address provided. It is provided as part of
    our Consumer Satisfaction Policy that guarantees that each product
    bought by our consumers meets their needs and expectations.

  10. They SAY there is nothing used in the manufacture that would attract ants, but it would really seem its not so. You don’t dip toothbrushes in honey after you buy them or something ridiculous like that? I’m so curious as to why this would happen!
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  11. They sent me toothbrushes and stuff pictured… and a reply-paid envelope the return the remaining ones from the packet. Unfortunately, I threw the box out, destroyed it when I washed the ants off

    Offerings from Colgate

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  13. The very same thing just happened to me. I bought a four-pack of Colgate 360 brushes from CVS ( in Miami). I opened the package, used one before bed, washed it off well and poured peroxide over it (something my grandma taught me to do – go figure), clasped my toothbrush cap over the bristles, and fell fast asleep. In the morning, while yawning and jumping out of the shower, I grabbed my toothbrush and gasped in horror! A gravillion trillion ants were creepily swarming my toothbrush. I threw it in the sink with disgust, blasted it with hot water, and threw it away. I searched for a new one from the package and was again horrified! A vazillion bazillion more ants were crawling all over the colored rubber parts of each of the new toothbrushes in the package. The hard plastic parts were mostly clear of any anys. No residue appeared to be on the package, and I don’t remember drowning them in fondue pots of melted syrup prior to bedtime, so I’m not quite sure what that was all about. After ripping up and bleaching the entire linen closet where I also keep supplies of extra toiletries (and previously kept packages of toothbrushes), I took to google to find an answer to this mystery. I found your page!

    I’m thinking something must be going on with the rubber bits of the toothbrushes.

  14. I just saw this and had to add!! My boyfriend uses a Colgate brush and I use a bamboo brush, this morning I saw ants swarming all over his but none on mine!! We both use the Colgate toothpaste haha.

  15. Fiona

    hahah oh wow, this post is the gift that keeps giving nearly a decade on!

  16. Samantha

    Correction! A decade later and it’s still happening. The exact account as the others- ants are only found of the colored rubber portion of the toothbrush and yes- they’re eating it. I scoured the internet in search of answers and found this post. It’s sad to know that no changes have been made.

  17. The same thing is happening to me in 2020. I bought a brand new Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush. Used it one time, washed it off well, and left it sitting in a basket near the sink, where I always leave my toothbrush. I got home from work, and ants were swarming all over the colored rubber piece. None on the head or bristles, just that nubby rubber thumb grip. I actually like ants, so I’m not that bothered by it. Just kind of worried about killing them by accident when I’m trying to brush my teeth. I guess I’ll keep it in the plastic bag when I’m not using it.

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