Jesus will be helping Hannah save!

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Hoppy Easter (Oh I’m hilarious!) And today we find out the winner of the much-coveted Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box! And what a day to be doing it!

For those unsure of what I’m referring, here is HIS portrait once more…

Purple Glittle Jesus

Thank you to all who entered, with some hilarious consequences, but the keen bean Ms Hannah from Wayfaring Chocolate won (I think she made four comments to enter… that’s dedication!) with this comment. She’ll need him to help support the chocolate habit…

Honorable mention goes to my dear friend Phil for making the first Jesus save comment, and to Deb’s offer to put him up for Easter if I sent him with nails.

I’ll be in touch Hannah for where to send him :)

That was fun. Let’s do again some time. :D



  1. Are you coming home to Canberra in 10 days? What are the chances of me gifting him to you in person if that’s the case?

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