Something about Gillard

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Yes, it’s brilliant that Australia finally has a female PM, but I’m still a little uneasy with it until the voters return her later this year. I still have this fear that we (as a nation) will show how backwards we can be, by voting in lock-up-your daughters-cos-there’s-no-sex-until-marriage Tony Abbott rather than *gasp* letting a WOMAN take the PM role.

A child-free, atheist, non-married, intelligent, professional woman, at that.
(Julie Bishop, are you ready to step up?)

Don’t screw this up, Australia.

(otherwise you’ll find me back on a plane any second. maybe to Prague, home of the pink telephone dude)

Pink Telephone Dude



  1. Gillard is an Atheist? Man! She already had my vote just because she’s childless…but now!

  2. God, I am scared.
    Some poll on Ch. 10 last night that that 73% of people would not vote for Labour with Gillard as leader..

  3. told you we could screw it up. Channel 7 eecked 55-45 abbott over gillard. Then they showed all these old ladies saying she should be raising kids instead…

  4. “I don’t need womens liberation; I was born free.”

    -Gillard at age 10 or so to her teacher.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sure the fact that she’s openly athiest will hurt her more.

    Polls in America before Obama was elected determined that the general public would prefer a black, female or gay president over an athiest.

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