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Home-Delivered Wine

Delirium, hey?

Something I got onto via the Velocity program is winemaket.com.au, which has some great deals on wine brands that I know and like… Such as a mixed dozen whites for $99 and a mixed 16 reds for the same… Sweet!


They tend to include a mix of 2005+ wines, with wine regions like the Hunter Valley, Barossa and Margaret River all represented in brands you’ve heard of. A nice quick stock of the ‘cellar’ for dinners and BYOs to come :)

Home made garlic breads
(and bolognese galore! with home made garlic breads using those bake at home rolls, minced garlic and margarine)



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1 comment for “Home-Delivered Wine

  1. July 13, 2010 at 8:00 am

    haha I had the exact same dinner last night! Well no garlic bread for me but the others had some!

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