31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 5) In the Car

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31 in 31
for those concerned, the car was parked at the time of this pic

Since moving to the same suburb that I work in, I think I must spend more time driving for work purposes than for personal reasons (not including driving to Newcastle!). Last year, I really noticed it because I would often drive Colt at work, which has a foot “handbreak” and the gear shifter on the steering wheel – so I knew when I’d been driving way too much at work when I’d reach for those things in my own car!

Another difficulty of living in the same suburb as work is that I sometimes drive to the wrong place! Oops?



  1. yes, someone commented that so I thought I’d put that note! It was while waiting for the car to warm up a little!

  2. Maybe you will stop getting sick if you stop walking around in ice all the time. Perhaps all your illnesses are just variants of hypothermia? Bloody winter grumble *goes off on incoherrant rant*

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