Wattle and Rainbows

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Off to Newcastle for a quick weekend trip. Hoping my innards are good to me, as I’ve not had a good couple of days in my guts and then my head… Just over so much right now… Maybe the coastal air and warmth will do me good.


Spring next week.

Bring it on.

(ps Stoked with the 12 Club tee that came from Threadless today!! THIS one is my last one… I have until Tuesday to decide if I renew or not for another year of tees)



  1. oh jesus summer is just around the corner, I have to stop eating so much crap

  2. Gorgeous pics and that is a GREAT Threadless tee. I had to stop buying them.. I have a pile about 20-high that I still can’t get through.. so no new ones for me, though I LOVE that Bookworm one!

  3. Even the simple thought of spring being around the corner is enough for me. I’m just so not a winter person. Bring on the blue skies and colours of nature!

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