Name that Tree

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Name that tree

We have this tree in our back (court)yard, which is absolutely gorgeous, and abundant in Canberra, but we don’t know the name of it.

So I’m putting the call out to my internerds. What’s the name of this tree?


I’m getting told it’s a sakura/cherry blossom

Spring Flowers in my garden

Does that mean the fruits it gets are edible? Or not necessarily?



  1. I was going to say cherry blossom but I see someone already beat me to it. It’s a lovely tree. Jealous you have one in your backyard. Hell, jealous you have a backyard! :)

  2. That is so beautiful! I LOVE cherry blossoms, have been searching for one for our yard for a few months. Maybe I need to come to Canberra and steal one :P

  3. We took a drive down to Canberra today and I mentioned to my hubs about how many of these cherry blossom trees there were! They’re so pretty! I want one for my front yard :)

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