I suffer mornings most of all ~ the little lioness

I suffer mornings most of all

i have to drive
i have my reasons, deer
it’s cold outside
i hate the seasons here

i suffer mornings most of all
i feel so powerless and small
by 10 o’clock i’m back in bed
fighting the jury in my head

Amanda Palmer – Have to Drive.

Some mornings are hard, get out of bed, have to shower, evaluate the day. Set about it. It improves, usually, as it goes on, no matter what mood my head or my stomach were in first thing. At times, it doesn’t, so I head back home. Down the hill. Past the pretty flowers. But I don’t drive. Not to work. Unless I have “things” to do. Appointments. That need to be rushed to between clients. Between work. Between the outside world.

(The Who Killed Amanda Palmer videos – do it.)



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2 comments for “I suffer mornings most of all

  1. October 30, 2010 at 7:52 am

    ok now I can see the comments. I think I missed the ‘respond’ link before.

    Great song. Did you see her when she was here last year? It was the first time I’d really connected with her performance. I think I like her solo better than with the Dresden Dolls. And her radiohead covers album is amazing!

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