(Naughty) Meringue Worms and Meat Pies at the Braidwood Bakery

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Went to the coast the other weekend, and stopped off for coffee, pies and other baked goods in Braidwood…

Braidwood Bakery
ooo do I smell PIE?? :D nom nom nom

Braidwood Bakery
Meringue worm liked the coffee much more than I did. Which wasn’t hard! *gag*

Braidwood Bakery
Check out the steak chunks!

Braidwood Bakery
So purrty.

Braidwood Bakery
Erm.. Get a room!



  1. Oooh that pie looks tasty. I have good coffee at home though so happy to stay here.

    Wonder if that is how you get more merguine worms. Because that is so much easier than what the recipe book shows.

  2. Who knew sugar creatures were so randy? Appalling behaviour!

    P.S. I want one, like, now.

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