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Scope Mount Stromlo Cafe

Scope Mount Stromlo

Scope Mount Stromlo recently opened in the grounds of the Mount Stromlo Observatory. While my parents were visiting over the weekend, I took them up there for breakfast.

Scope Mount Stromlo
(Bring your woolies if you’re going to sit out on the balcony! Or ride up, like most of the lycra-clad partons on Saturday morning did)

From the website:

The café is set in an architecturally designed, award-winning building with comfortable and eclectic styling. The eating area is framed by floor to ceiling glass and a large balcony, which provides 180-degree views of the Murrumbidgee Corridor of the Brindabella Ranges. Just outside are the mammoth remains of the telescopic domes of the Observatory that make a spectacular backdrop for breathtaking sunsets almost every day of the year.

Scope Mount Stromlo
Can you spot a roo?

Scope Mount Stromlo
Soy latte, $3.80

I start with my usual soy latte – and awesomely don’t have to pay extra for soy (or decaf if that’s you’re thing!)

Scope Mount Stromlo

My parents both ordered the “Big Ben” a HUGE Eggs Benedict with bacon and sourdough from Flute Bakery. There’s a layer of bacon between the sourdough slices!

Scope Mount Stromlo
Needless to say, Mum didn’t need lunch til quite late!

I got them to put together an eggless breakky ;) Bacon, roast tomato and gluten free bread. Yum :) Should have asked if they had avocado though, it would have topped it off.

Scope Mount Stromlo

I think a nice addition to their breakfast menu would have been some sort of fruit salad, I’m sure of of the cycling crew might agree :) But they were happy to alter the combinations that morning for me.

Scope Mount Stromlo

Scope Mount Stromlo
(I’m looking forward to them sorting out their liquor licence so I can drag my workmates up there for Friday drinks! They’re planning to open late on a Friday and get some telescopes out too! They want everyone up the hill by 8pm, but if things are kicking on, then I don’t see you getting kicked out)



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2 comments for “Scope Mount Stromlo Cafe

  1. March 29, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    This probably is the best “welcome” sign of all times. :D

  2. Steve
    April 12, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    I brought my wife here for her birthday last weekend.

    We were deeply disappointed with our experience. We booked ahead, but were seated somewhere with no view at all – nothing at all like the images on the website.

    Our food lacked any kind of care or attention. The chips we got were soggy and cold. The sandwiches – ostensibly wagyu beef were all bread, no flavour and no condiment. Just huge wedges of bread with some burnt onions and soggy beef.

    To top it off the staff ignored us when we tried to pay the bill and the maitre de looked me up and down, called me ‘mate’ before I paid and generally gave the impression I was in her way.

    Overall, one of the worst dining experiences I’ve had. You need to seriously re-think your business model.


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