3 months without Diet Coke

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I know! Not quite sure how I’ve managed (probably the increase in coffee??? ) but my theory is, surely coffee is better for me than diet coke? Surely?

Can I make another three months? :D



  1. I’m Cat and I’m a DC-aholic. I’ve been clean since July after 1-2 can a day habit. It’s mostly been super easy – I moved countries so I was out of the regular habits/triggering situations. It has been really hard on sunny spring afternoons at work and at the bar (soda water also has zero calories), but hopefully it is worth it. JUST DON’T GIVE IN!!
    I still drink coffee like water though.

  2. I used to be addicted to that stuff, but I kicked that habit… and replaced it with Coke Zero. So possibly don’t take a leaf from my book.

    • I think it messes with my stomach/digestion.

      Plush a litre a day was a bit much :(

  3. Congratulations! I have spent the last 2 years almost but not quite eliminating diet coke…it creeps in maybe once every month or two but around those times I don’t miss it at all. Someone once said to me that ‘black liquid with no calories and lots of artificial stuff can not be good for you’, and that was what put me off :P

    Good luck with the next 6 months, if you decide to persist :)

    • ‘black liquid with no calories and lots of artificial stuff can not be good for you’

      thanks for that :D

  4. Yay well done!

    I’m a coffee fiend, but have pretty much kicked Coke after a long love affair.

    I figure coffee is actually great for you. I have it white so there’s some good dairy, with two sugars which aren’t as easy to justify, but better than the 17 teaspoons or so in a glass of Coke!

  5. yeah I used to drink coke zero a lot, but now the only drink apart from coffee and alcohol that I drink is water. So much better

  6. eccentricess Reply

    Oh well done and cheers to you!
    Once a year or so, I send one of my best friends an email explaining how toxic the sugar replacements in diet coke/coke zero are for her. Just cos I love her so much. I’m giving up coke again today – fingers crossed the pineapple juice with soda water helps me as much as the coffee (a good antioxidant!) is helping you.

    Here ’tis.

    Aspartame can kill you. Seizures, leading to death, brain damage. It damages the nerve system, causes brain tumours and continual doses can mimic MS symptoms. Can bring on Diabetes. If you are depressed or have any form of clinical emotional disorder, it can cause behavioural changes. It can CAUSE depression by affecting serotonin uptake. Sort of like Meth ice. Can cause migraines.

    Ace K is more inclined towards headaches, low blood sugar, leukemia and other tumours. So it just kills you more slowly. Yey, for a longer, more drawn out and painful death!

    Try sugar from sugar cane. It has the nasty side effects of putting on weight, and if indulged in excessive amounts, can contribute to diabetes.

  7. Nice work! I gave up Diet Coke about 8 days ago and went through 3 days of misery. The only thing I’ve been thinking is that anything that can make you feel this bad when you try to quit it, cannot be good for your body. These are full blown withdrawal symptoms.

    10 years ago I quit smoking and that was a breeze compared to this. LOL Hope you were able to stay off the DC. It’s amazingly bad.

  8. Wow! Impressive! How long until the withdrawal symptoms trailed off? I’ve started drinking iced coffee for a caffeine boost, but still…

    Today I felt like my head was wrapped in bubble wrap…or something equally weird. :-)

    • Yeh, I’ve drunk well more coffee in that time, with the justification that at least there’s some nutritional value in my soy latte.

      I’ve cut back on hat heaps now since I stopped work too. Yay!

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