Yes, I cried in a sappy Disney cartoon – Tangled review and giveaway

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Okay, who was the silly girl who decided to watch Tangled with a glass of wine while home alone eating leftovers while contemplating the future and life?

Oh, that would be me, hey?

Yes, I’m not into the romantic in real life, I’m not waiting for a prince, or spunky villain, to sweep me off my feet (maybe that’s already happened?) to live happily ever after, or something. I’m a republican, I think that princes and princesses are a ridiculously outdated concept (seriously, the French had it right, off with their heads, or something, noone should have a birthright to rule over me, itjust doesn’t make sense). Yes, I know you might like a royal wedding, but doesn’t it just seem absurd to have “royalty”? *blinks*

We need to ditch the monarchy, so I can enjoy fairytale and princes and princesses as the mythical creatures they should. Rather than having them tell us what we can and cannot put on television, hey? ;)

Which I did with Tangled. Loved the MOTHER character, I’m sure she wasn’t all bad, I mean, wouldn’t you kidnap and keep someone in a tower for life if it meant eternal beauty for you?

The movie had me watching til the end, despite its predictability (hey, it’s Disney, I don’t want too many surprises!) and the scenes that might be a little scary if I was under 8 instead of 28. But I watched them, even without someone there to hold my hand *sniff*

To win a copy of Tangled, just comment below with something your mother knew best about. You can once a day so long and your answer is different each time. For a bonus entry, re-tweet or post to facebook and post an extra comment telling me you did so. Entries close Midnight May 8th. The winner will be selected at random Good luck! :)

(winners must have an Aussie postal address)

Tangled is out on DVD May 11

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of the DVD courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.



  1. I am such a sucker when it comes to Disney Movies! they get me every time!

    My mum definitely knew best about trusting your instincts!

  2. I love Disney movies! It doesn’t stop with getting older. :) And I totally loved the mother! She’s so cool! :D

    My mom knows best how to knit lovely socks. :)

    (But I can’t participate anyway because I live in Germany. Boo.)

  3. My mother knew that I wasn’t ready to start the PhD last year… she knew I wouldn’t be happy. If only I’d listened!

    Also, oh how I want to win this! I know ‘most every Disney song by heart, except I actually haven’t seen any of the recent movies – this, Princess and the Frog, etc… shame on me!

  4. Josephine

    My mother knew best about getting the most out of my travelling experiences and how to handle myself overseas.

    I really adore Tangled. Excellent animation and songs; everything you want in a Disney movie :D

  5. My kids are dying to see this movie! We cant wait till it comes out!

    My Mum always knows how to calm me down, only last week my youngest daughter (2) took scissors to her sister (3) and chopped a heap of hair off the top of her head. So now it looks like a mullet, not pretty! When I sent a photo to my mum she rang me seconds later and told me it was only hair that she’s not hurt physically and that her hair will grow back, it helped me realise she was right!

  6. I took Miss7 to see Tangled at the Cinema for a Daddy Daughter Date and we loved it.

    Toward the end I realized I really don’t mind the odd “Teary Brunette” but that is easy to tell.

    Mum never really knew best, she just isn’t like that… We always had the freedom to screw up and always knew our safety net was Mum AND Dad to help pick up the broken bits.

    I hope we are doing that for Miss7 and Master12

  7. Oh and Tweeted plus Stalk booked earlier today….

    Might not be fair to win twice but Miss7 would love it if she did.

  8. My mum knew best about housekeeping. She was what you’d call born organised. Shopping lists, calendars, picking up after herself and the family, regular washing days etc etc. I partly inherited her skills and desire for lack of clutter, although also inherited my father’s hoarding genes.. oops :)

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