Standing on one leg is quite tricky

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Today I

  • Held my arms up like a zombie for 3 minutes
  • squatted like I was at a kid’s table for 3 minutes. That was harder, but I didn’t fall!
  • Ran a workshop. sh is a hard sound to figure out how to describe how it’s made
  • Picked up and put down a 10kg box 10 times. Then walked around with it
  • Played switch games
  • Wrote a report to ask for an ipod and app for a client.
  • Tripped in the car park because I couldn’t see where I was going. Incident report?
  • Told people that swallowing function declines after 40 ;)
  • Washed my hair.

Bring on Wednesday.



  1. ‘Told people that swallowing function declines after 40 ‘

    Choked on my drink laughing at that.

    I am crocheting that on a pillow and putting it on our bed.


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