Not that she’s counting

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Trilogy Woden
Soy latte at Trilogy, Woden

More clearing. Ebaying some things if you wanna peek, or make a bid. More in the recycling, more in the bin.

At lunch time I said, when asked how much longer “9 and a half days left at work. Not that I’m counting”.

Not that I’m counting while I write my last reports.

Call families to check in.

Send letters to discharge those who haven’t called.

Filing things from way too long ago.

In 3 weeks I’ll be 1 day into my new job.

Numbers make sense.



  1. Fiona

    hah. Not long now for you either!!!!!!!

    I am keeping the awesome but not emotially attached to me toys for you.

    Except the jointed bear, I gave that to the early childhood speechies.

  2. Do you know what also makes sense? You incredibly strength and positivity. Love seeing you in all your courageous, excited glory :)

  3. Fiona

    hehe yay!

    It means I can deal with the people who start tearing up about me leaving, or wh have bigger things to deal with

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