Morning Tea at The Coffee Club, DFO Canberra

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Coffee Club

Went for a shopping wander on the weekend… decided to stop for coffee at The Coffee Club… after waiting awhile in the queue to order, I sat down for some peace.

Coffee Club

And got a really really yummy slice of Date and Honey loaf. It’s “low gluten”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. But it tasted AWESOME.

Too much sugar for me, though, the body told me later ;)



  1. Low gluten usually means there are trace amounts and so therefore, it can’t legally be called gluten free. Usually they’ve used one ingredient with “may contain traces of” in the warning.

  2. Fiona, I’m starting to order soy lattes over long blacks more and more, and each time I do, I think of you. It shall be one of your Canberra legacies ;)

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