Impromptu Bloggy Meetup – Nine Dragons Sydney

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On my walk home from work yesterday, I discovered that Veronica was in town… after a few messages, it was decided that I was to head into the city to meet up with her and Anne for dinner :)

Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street

First stop, the Meriton Apartments on Pitt, where Kellogg’s were putting up Veronica and a couple of other bloggers ahead of an event today. The penthouse suite, nothing less :p

Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street

Then we wandered down to Chinatown, past places I know, getting my Sydney bearings!!! :)

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons was where we had dinner. I “needed” to have sang choy bau, so I was indulged ;) This was yum :)

Nine Dragons

We all went soup for dinner – mine the combination soup with rice noodles. It was nice, but I would have preferred to pay $10 rather than $20 for it!

Lovely night :) Anne offered me a lift home, which I took, and again, I remembered more landmarks and places on the way home :)

Birthday present from Rish - Crowded Teeth bag

And I was toting around my birthday present from Rish :) A Crowded Teeth bag :)



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