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(Guest Post) The Pains of Technology – Should you rent?

Stickered Netbook

As I sit here, ready to package my netbook up YET AGAIN for repairs (just scraped into the extended warranty period, though it’s a recurring problem…) I’m SO glad I have my HTC Legend now, (shame about the Vodafail reception) and that my work lets me access sites including email in my lunch and breaks, otherwise I’d be struggling with things like organising my life and getting started at uni for the semester.

Julie has supplied the following post on the advantages of renting technology like laptops, especially when moving!


Rent Technology When You Move

Moving can be tough, especially when it’s out of state or even out of the country. There are a million things to organise – your accommodation, your new job, your furniture and the entire moving process. There’s also packing, closing accounts and saying goodbye to your family and friends. It’s an exciting, but also exhausting process!

These days, we’re lucky that technology makes the moving process much easier. It’s so painless to stay in touch and communicate with those you leave behind via the internet and a thousand different gadgets and electronics – no more expensive landline phone calls! But for those who have moved – or those who lead the expat lifestyle flitting from one country to the next – your technology needs might change wherever you go.

You might not have had a need for a home computer before you moved, but having access to a laptop or PC when you live away from home can provide the convenience of using the internet to talk or stay in touch with family and friends after office hours. Or, you might have moved to a foreign country and an iPad is the perfect way to stay on top of home news and info on a day to day basis.

An iPad might be the perfect solution, but it’s also an expensive one. Moving in itself can be an expensive process, so there might not be a chunk of cash left for gadgets. This is why renting is a smart way to get the technology you want and need, when you need it.

Why rent?

When you rent technology, you don’t have to dish out a hefty sum of money for the computer, smartphone, iPad or laptop you want. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee to use the technology. You’re also not sinking your funds into the latest product that will soon be eclipsed by a newer, snazzier option. At the end of your term, you can usually choose to buy the item, upgrade or simply end your rental.

Rental companies such as RentSmart also offer some added features like loaner laptop if yours is broken or stolen, and transfer and back up services to move all your documents and data from one machine to another.

And when you rent equipment and it’s used for business purposes, it can also be tax deductible!

When we make any sort of move, we want creature comforts around us and an easy way to stay in touch.. PC rental, laptop rental or iPad rental is a useful alternative to get around the cost of these gadgets.

What technology did you want with you when you moved?



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