Who will be the Bloggest Loser? Countdown to summer challenge starts Monday! #bloggestloser

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In all my inspiration today, it looks like I’ve kicked off another Bloggest Loser challenge! What is that? Well, basically a bunch of internerds track our diet and exercise the way we know best – online – and the winner is the one who gets the closest to their goal over the challenge.

So, I’m aiming to get under 70kg. And will post about it every week, lest I get picked on by the others for not posting. Twitter will flood with crap about ‘workouts’ and measurement. And my reward? A dress from the Maiocchi summer collection. Or 2. Cos I’m likely to get one anyway!

Want to join in? Sign up for a Daily Burn account, and join the challenge group here with the code A7F6FA

Bring it on!



  1. Hmm..You buying _yourself_ a dress doesn’t seem like a suitable reward.

    How about I buy you a Hello Kitty item of your choice?

    • I think the problem is more me buying it for myself? ;)

      Must make Hello Kitty wishlist ;)

  2. Haha, yes, self-rewarding goals can be a little…biased =p

    And you know what, everytime I see a Hello Kitty toy set at Myer (apparently a new thing to our shores) it makes me think of you!

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