I’m on fire

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By ltinner


Rish has brought me to the Anthony Robbins seminar this weekend in Sydney.

And day one brought tears.


Freaking out because I “knew” I couldn’t get through the day.

Crying in the laughter exercise???

Hugs with new people.

Pairing up with a woman who closed down when in front of the camera.

Because she wasn’t ready to share her story with 4000 people.

We egged each other on though. I don’t think either of us could let the other NOT go through with it. Not after all that.

And did the fire walk!

Yeah, I know!

It was kinda inevitable once she and I got dragged through the crowd to go in the line Tony was egging on. Only so much you can’t do once you’re up in front of the coals with him yelling in your ear.

Or knowing that you convinced one new friend to go, and she you, so you’d better freaking do it.

I did it.




  1. Sounds stressful unless you really want to be there. Congratulations on the fire walk. Well done. Go you :-)

  2. how’d you find day two?
    this is the kind of thing *I* need to go to… one day :)

  3. beauitiful Fiona,
    I’m so proud of you for finding such strength in yourself and challenging me to step up with you. I will always remember that empowering moment and the beautiful soul that shared it with me.
    I hope it propels you forward to an “outstanding” life xo
    belle- ur partner in fire walking crime

    • YOU ROCK!!!!!!!1


      Thanks for a great night that encouraged me to get through the weekend!!

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