Give the gift of no gifts. KTHXBI ~ the little lioness

Give the gift of no gifts. KTHXBI

According to some stats I have found in various places:
– I have 340 Facebook friends
– 104 people on Facebook
– 130 readers via feedburner
and countless stalkers hiding in the bushes.

This blog is turning TEN in September and I’m turning THIRTY in July.

And I really don’t need more of the things.

So, I’m asking that each of you who can makes a small contribution to my fundraising page for the Steve Waugh Foundation. No matter how big or how small the donation, or retweet/reblog if you can’t help financially, it all helps!

I have an ambitious aim for $1000, but if you each don;t spend $5 on a card for me, or $30 for a bottle of wine, we’re well on our way to supporting kids with “orphan” conditions, that don’t seem to fall under the magical funding categories.

Fiona’s turning 30, and is turning TEN!

Thanks in advance. I’ll love you FOREVER! xx



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