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Things I wanna get better at – Using my KeepCup

Are you, like me, the possessor of one, or more, KeepCups or other brand of reusable coffee cup? Yes?

Well, I was at an event for Kleeex the other week, and pledged on camera to use my KeepCup more often. So here we go. On the drive to Sydney from Newcastle, getting my soy latte is an attractive cup.

Step at a time!

(Hey, Mum! You can even get a Sydney Swans one!)

And, cute pics of me from the Kleenex event!




PS congrats to Jess who won the necklace!



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1 comment for “Things I wanna get better at – Using my KeepCup

  1. May 11, 2012 at 7:47 am

    I’ve got two Keepcups, one that lives at work & one that lives at home. Having two makes it a lot easier to remember as I don’t need to remember it when I am leaving work on Friday. I think I’d my cups at least 95% of the time now.
    Some coffee shops give you a discount for using your cup too, which is awesome.

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