Who the hell am I?

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Thanks for asking

I am a lover and a fighter.

A 29 year old woman, who feels much more comfortable in her skin heading for thirty than ever before.

Even though I’m less sure of the day to day than I’ve been in my life.

I’m a speech pathologist. but I haven’t worked in five months.

I know my stuff, I just don’t always believe it.

Perpetual student, both officially and unofficially.

I’m a doubter. About anything I do.

Or I throw myself into it impulsively. Sometimes with great results. Sometimes terrible.

I’m easily tempted, and avoid many vices.

Once I start I’m not great at stopping.

I’m a daughter and a sister and an Aunty, and feel at my most valuable when I’m helping others.

I have terrific advice to give.

But am working on taking it myself.

I like to stand up for what is right.

And avoid petty squabbles.

I’ll fight for you if you’re weaker than me.

But want to be looked after if I see you as stronger.

I still sleep with my stuffed childhood toy.

And giggle.

Wear cats ears.

And curl up in your arms.

I want to grow up.

But not lose my spark.

Queen of Hearts

I am Fiona.

The little lioness.

Mew? =^.^=

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  1. Fiona

    When I grow up, I’ll be stable…… said Garbage.

    Don’t wanna lose the highs if I lose the lows.

  2. Sounds like you got it in a nutshell. don’t change :)

  3. See this is why I read you! I am in awe at the way you manage to express yourself. And may you never lose that spark! :) Thanks for sharing who you are!

  4. Fiona

    I need to write more because I’m not great at expressing myself verbally. I stumble and panic.. Writing gives me a chance to express myself with less pressure. And to sort out my thoughts.

  5. Love love love love LOVE this. Particularly the last two lines. Oh yes, oh yes. xo

  6. Indeed, I feel happier the older I get. People who wish they were still teenagers just have made some terrible choices in life. :P

    Why do you want to grow up? Define “grow up” for me?

  7. You seem like an all-round fabulous person, to me! I am loving all these ‘who am I?’ posts going around thanks to Eden. Not sure yet if I will have the guts to do one on my blog…but thank-you for sharing x

  8. Fiona

    There’s been some awesome posts written due to the prompt.

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