Just Sayin’ (My Post #NNB2012 debrief)

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*waves to anyone who came here because they met me at Blogopolis on Saturday.

You may remember me by such tweets as:

That one got a laugh, and really showed how much I was getting into the first session. Or perhaps it was this one:

Which shows I know my audience well. Drunked, health conscious, and mums.

I found my blogging voice in what I’m passionate about.


Yeah, I got heaps from the first session.

Actually I did get one thing. This Editorial Calendar wordpress plugin. It’s awesome. It’s already stopped me from doubling up on rants around FSMastime as Chocolate Bunny Weekend.

The checklist that was dropped on our tables at the start of the session was awesome, and the advice to ask you guys what you do and don’t like about the layout too. Tell me: what doesn’t work for you? I then spent the rest of the session twitter eaves dropping on the SEO session, and fiddling with my layout. Well spent :)

Media Kit:
Ahh, Lady Melbourne. A blog I don’t read, but still admire. A very practical session for us, thinking about how we engage with brands, and what we need to think about media kit wise. I have some work to do.

Other stuff:
Finding my voice. I think I know my voice better than my niche. I can’t quite commit to food blogging as my only topic on this blog. There’s so much else to rant about!! Sometimes people are wrong on the internet.

The question was asked “why aren’t there many male bloggers” and I chose to try to articulate (at 3pm, with the flu clouds firmly settling in) that there are HEAPS of male bloggers out there. (see my blog roll). they’re just not in Nuffnang’s target group. If NN actually wanted to branch into showing ads on Tech blogs, then I’m sure they’d get more guys in. Then there’s the politics and the business blogs. Many many by men. So much so, that you keep hearing the question in some communities “where are all the women”.

The men are there. Just not in Food, fashion, personal or “mummy”/parenting blogging.

It was brilliant to catch up with everyone again, and finally meet some people, such as Sarah Stokely who I’ve been stalking online FOREVER. Tea galore! And the food was great, but that’s another blog post, for when I’m back in foodie mode. I have been inspired, more by the chats in the corner, and the tiny snippets here and there, and there’s plenty more for me to do blog wise.

In the meantime, what should I do to celebrate this blog’s 10th birthday on September 11?




  1. Lots of male photographer bloggers out there.

    lol, evil church and speech pathology. :P

    • Cool cool

      But yes, not Nuffnang’s pitched market for the day, or their ads.

      Hehehe :) The evils of speech pathology shall only be discussed over a bottle of red.

  2. Tip: if you steal someone’s content ideas, be sure to echo their Facebook page too.

    Disclaimer: above tip comes with a bit of tongue in cheek ( for those playing at home)

  3. I was wondering whether I should attend Blogopolis next year. Was too late in registering this year. But after reading your tweets…especially in the morning…I have my doubts! :)

    • Yeah there’s plenty of male food bloggers, certainly out numbered though. And there was only a handful of food bloggers there on the day anyways

  4. “Sometimes people are wrong on the internet.”

    WUT!? No way!!! Heh.

    Really with I spoke to you more, was so cool to meet you.

  5. Oh gosh, I really wish I’d been able to go to Blogopolis! It sounds like it was an amazing experience and you learned so much. I cannot wait to see how you implement it all x

  6. Wow, nearly your 10th birthday?! That’s awesome! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you – I do remember some of your tweets lol.

  7. Can’t believe I didn’t see you!
    I do remember seeing all your Tweets though…hehe.
    10 years of blogging…wow!

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