Airplane Food - SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas ~ the little lioness

Airplane Food – SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas

Time to show off the GFML (Gluten Intollerence) meals offered in economy on Qantas domestic.

Heading down to Hobart I got two breakfasts, the row to myself on both flights, and evidence as to how old the Qantas domestic Boeing fleet is…

Hobar2012 390 - Copy

Breakfast #1 – Monster Muesli, Rowie’s cake, banana, juice, water and pills ;)

Hobar2012 436 - Copy

Breakfast #2. With Uncle Toby’s branded gluten free cornflakes.

Hobar2012 434 - Copy

Row to oneself at 6am on a Sunday.

Hobar2012 445 - Copy

Ash tray in the loo shows the age of the plane, as Smoking aboard Australian domestic aircraft was banned on 1 December 1987!

Hobar2012 444 - Copy

Early morning selfies.

Hobar2012 448 - Copy

My first glimpse of Tasmania. I only get window seats. On the left side of the plane.

On the return flights, there was a ‘snack’ (a second lunch for the special meals)

Hobar2012 826

A roast vege sandwich. No banana for me, though the normal meals had bananas.

Hobar2012 861

And lamb for dinner

Hobar2012 863

All quite edible :)



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3 comments for “Airplane Food – SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas

  1. Paul
    July 8, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    I don’t dispute that some of the Qantas fleet are ancient, but ashtrays aren’t necessarily a symbol of that. Even the A380 ships with ashtrays in the loo. The reason? Any commercial plane operating to North America (or possibly other places, not sure) HAS to have them or it’s not considered airworthy.

    Why? Because people smoke in the toilets no matter what, even when it’s banned. If you have ashtrays, they put their butts in the ashtrays. If you don’t, they do dumb things like stubbing them out and dropping them in the bin. And then you have a fire. And fires started in plane toilets can kill a planeful of people. A cigarette in the toilet bin was what caused – which killed 123 people.

    In other words – lesser of two evils. :)

  2. Paul
    July 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Agreed! It’s bad enough breathing the awful stale recirculated air on planes now; I can only imagine how bad it was back in the days when it had cigarette smoke in the mix too.

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