Machine Laundry Cafe, Salamanca Square Hobart

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Hobar2012 772

Breakfast on Thursday morning in Hobart was at the Machine Laundry cafe, a retro, coin laundry cum hipster cafe in Salamanca Square.

Hobar2012 766

Hobar2012 771

Rish had the spiced pumpkin, ricotta and butterscotch hotcakes, while I went for some semidried tomato risotto cakes.

Hobar2012 767

Hobar2012 763

Fruit frappe, $6

Hobar2012 783

Machine Laundry Cafe
12 Salamanca Square
Hobart 7000 TAS

Click ‘play’ on the video below for the cutest animation for Lisa Mitchell’s Coin Laundry! HiiCactus has some other cute ones too :)


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