#jeansfreephona - Day 8, My new driver's licence expires on my 35th birthday! Meep! ~ the little lioness

#jeansfreephona – Day 8, My new driver’s licence expires on my 35th birthday! Meep!

#jeansfreephona day 8

And I thought the last one expiring on my thirtieth was scary!


I only remember that it needed to be renewed TODAY because I was filling in the spot on my most recent job application “yes, I have a current NSW driver’s licence” oh wait, better renew that, it expires Sunday and I have no time to do it tomorrow!

It was the fastest trip ever to the RTA, though! 1:30pm on a Thursday, at Warners Bay. Took a ticket, got called straight away, didn’t even have to do the eye test! Woo! (I’m WAY overdue for an optometrist review, but don’t tell anyone)

Pleased that I get to rock the lego flower earrings and sushi necklace on my licence til I’m 35 :p

(and that it will probably get photocopied at any job interviews I may get!)




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